Josh Ochs Digital Citizenship Speaker

Hello, I’m Josh Ochs.
I travel the country teaching digital citizenship to over 30,000 teens, tweens and professionals each year.

I show students that social media can be used in a positive way to shine online and create a portfolio of accomplishments that impress colleges and future employers. I’m the author of the book Light, Bright & Polite and the founder of and

Light Bright and Polite Colleges future Employers

In 2015 I wrote a new book that helps adults teach students how to shine online

This book shows Teens and Tweens that social media can be used in a very good way to create an online portfolio of accomplishments.

In 2012 I wrote a bestselling social media book with tips for businesses and professionals

My first book on Amazon outlines how businesses and professionals can safely and effectively navigate social media.

I’m often on the road traveling the country training 30,000 students each year how to shine online

I share formulas that Tweens and Teens can use to be safe and smart on social media. I use tactical tips that educators and parents can instantly put into action with their students.
Josh Ochs Politics

I ran for Hermosa Beach City Council in 2009

Though I lost to the incumbent Mayor by ~350 votes, I used my experiences to teach some of the world's best brands how to shine online.
Josh Ochs Video Bootcamp Speech

My social media techniques have been adopted by over 3,500 brands

I have advised 36+ brands and enjoy sharing my keynote speeches during online webinars and online training sessions for thousands of attendees each year.
Good and Bad Teen Apps Parent Guide

I developed a social media app guide for parents and teachers

This app guide helps parents quickly understand what apps are good and bad for their teens and tweens.

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Josh Ochs appears on the news in Kansas to share his digital citizenship message

View a social media safety speech for middle School Students

Learn how Teens can use YouTube to shine online

Learn how Teens can use LinkedIn to apply to college:

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