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Hello, I'm Josh Ochs

I travel the country teaching 30,000 students how to be positive on social media (and I teach parents how to protect their students). I wrote a few digital safety books on Amazon and my message teaches people how to shine online.


My techniques help students use their devices with a purpose, not just a past time. My message shows students how to use social media to create a positive resume using their social media accounts that impress colleges and employers. I also speak to thousands of parents each year to bring them up to speed on how they can have a dialog with their kids about social media safety.

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I teach students how to shine online

I show students positive examples they can use to have fun online while impressing future colleges and employers.

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In addition to teaching the “27 worst apps” Josh also shows you how to find out if your students have a “Finstagram” (fake Instagram account).

Learn how to get your teen thinking about how their digital footprint can pave the way for a dream career (and positive college resume).

Learn how to promote digital citizenship at your school and 7 ways educators and schools can keep their students and parents safe online.

My "Light, Bright and Polite" Series of Books Teach People How to Shine Online

Teach your younger student how to be safe and shine online with "Light, Bright and Polite for Parents & Teens".

Teach students how to shine online for their future career with "Light, Bright and Polite for Teens & Young Adults".

Learn how businesses and professionals can shine online using social media with "Light, Bright and Polite for Professionals".

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Josh Ochs taught our students how to shine on social media with the ‘Light, Bright and Polite’ theme and how to really prep for colleges and future employers. Our students really connected with him.
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